Saraiki region

Saraiki people claim that Twenty one distracts in punjab, Pakistan , two distracts from Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa Province, Pakistan and two agencies are are saraiki speaking area.

Map of Saraikistan
Saraiki Districts
Saraiki Region in Sindh and Balochistan

See area and Population of Saraikisan.

These distracts are also Saraiki

Saraiki region in Punjab
Saraiki Region of Sindh and Balochistan

Saraiki is spoken in India, United Arab Emirates and Afghanistan also. Saraiki is second largest language in Kingdom of Saudi Arabiawith more than 2.5M. In United Kingdom. Saraiki is spoken by 400,000. In Canada, China, South Africa and United States saraiki is also spoken.

Saraiki in India

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